Warning are you getting ripped off

Why you should question the validity of Health & Safety advice? 

Working with organisations across the U.K. it has become apparent to us that the advice they receive in some instances is questionable in validity and is often not appropriate the business.

Could poor advice be costing you money? At MESH we pride ourselves on providing expert advice and cost effective solutions that are proportionate to your business health and safety needs. In fact we guarantee this  and our clients provide testimonials to back this up:

MESH consulting rapidly provided the specialist assistance we required delivering unique tailored guidance specific to our plant and proposal - a very refreshing change from those others who arrive armed with a simple tick list..

John Mitchell, Group QHSE Manager, 2K Polymer Systems


Evidence of poor advice

We felt we needed to tell you of two recent examples where we have been asked to provide independent expert advice on a PUWER review each company had received. The initial review had been provided by a company selling themselves as machinery safety specialists and on each occasion the report had identified a long list of expensive safety  improvements that were required (in their opinion to comply with PUWER). 

The problem was that both clients felt the recommendations were over the top and our own review identified a poor interpretation of what PUWER requires and consequently some overselling. In each case the work actually needed was far less than originally reported and provided savings to our clients of between £5,000 to £10,000 each.

So why does this occur? In our opinion its generally where the company has a vested interest in offering the service to fix the problem such as fitting a whole range of mushroom head safety switches. The same can be said of some companies providing fire risk assessment services who also provide the hardware to fix the problem!!

So our warning to you is to:

  • check the competency of the experts you employ
  • look for a provider who can provide unbiased advice
  • don`t spend more than you need to
  • look for companies that provide a guarantee

At MESH we guarantee to remove your health and safety worries as we will provide expert advice and cost effective solutions that are proportionate to your business health and safety needs.  For evidence of support work we've provided to businesses across the U.K. please see some of our testimonials and some of our case studies. 

Where we work

We work throughout the UK and Europe for companies in a diverse range of industries

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  • 2k
  • ADM Computing
  • ARA
  • ASDA
  • ASK
  • Actelion Pharmaceuticals
  • Aeropak
  • Amphenol
  • Ascent Media
  • BT Cables
  • Bactec
  • Berry Gardens
  • Biffa
  • British Transport Police
  • Burns Stewart
  • CCL Labels
  • CLP Envirogas
  • CScope
  • Cabot
  • Calsonic
  • Carefusion
  • Celtic Technologies
  • Charities Aid Foundation
  • Chemring Group
  • Chromalloy
  • Cleveland Potash
  • Colombier
  • Comma Oil
  • Crisplant
  • Crow TV
  • Crownlea
  • Cypress
  • DS Smiths Paper
  • Delcam
  • Doosan
  • Dovetail
  • Dowding & Mills
  • Dragon LNG
  • Driscolls
  • EJ Group
  • East Malling Research
  • Enesco
  • Esca
  • FM Coatings
  • Fairline
  • Fibreweb
  • Finsbury Food Group
  • Fourayres
  • GE Healthcare
  • Gardner
  • Givaudan
  • Graphic Packaging
  • Greenair
  • Groundsure
  • H&S Aviation
  • HESS
  • HV Wooding
  • Heatherwick Studio
  • Humber Bridge Board
  • IKO
  • Inditex
  • Intersnack
  • James Glancy Design
  • K College
  • KAB
  • Kelloggs
  • Kent County Council
  • Kinneir Dufort
  • Marley Eternit
  • Medash
  • Medway Council
  • Meggitt
  • Meiosis
  • Mitsui
  • Modem Media
  • Molycorp
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Nestledown Beds
  • Nevilles
  • Noble Foods
  • Norse
  • North Lanakshire Council
  • OSIL
  • Oil and Gas UK
  • Ormiston Bushfield Academy
  • P&O Ferries
  • PHC Occupational Health
  • Pall
  • Port of Tyne
  • Propak Foods
  • QTS Analytical
  • R&R Ice Cream
  • Ravensbourne College
  • SIMS Claims Services
  • SIRS Navigation
  • Saga
  • Service GFX
  • Sign 2000
  • South African Airways
  • Sterling
  • Stevens & Carlotti
  • Stirling Lloyd
  • Sulzer
  • Tecan
  • Techniglass
  • Thales
  • The Discovery Channel
  • The Football Pools
  • The Royal British Legion
  • The Welsh Assembly
  • UCM Magnesia
  • Unipart Eberspachers
  • ValeFresh
  • Vantia
  • Victoria Foods
  • Voith Turbo
  • Walkers
  • Warburtons
  • Wonga
  • Woollens
  • Youngman
  • mreal
  • xstrata

See how we have helped our clients, or see out what they have to say about our services.

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