We have provided Fire Risk Assessments for clients across the UK

A quick summary of how we can help

Fire is a real and potentially devastating risk that most businesses face; get it wrong and the costs to your business could be very high. The basis of the Fire regulations are founded on the need to undertake fire risk assessments. If you need competent help with undertaking fire risk assessments then we can help keep both your business safe and ensure it is fully compliant. Getting it wrong is not an option.

You are guaranteed to receive a comprehensive assessment that identifies effective solutions that are proportionate to your fire risks. For evidence of fire risk assessments work we’ve done for businesses like yours please take a look at some case studies to show you what we can do for you.

Our guarantee to you

MESH clients are happy clients and provide testimonials to back this up.

We provide highly professional Fire risk assessment services that guarantee you will if following our guidance; provide a workplace safe from fire risks. This will mean you never having to worry about a visit from the Fire Authority.

Our guarantee is that, in the unlikely event of any negative contact from the Fire Authority, we will be available (free) to support you in your response. All we ask is that you have followed and implemented the Fire risk assessment recommendations that we make as part of our work for you.


Costs of Fire risk assessments vary depending on the type and size of organisations, and what hazardous processes or materials are involved, plus the type of Fire assistance you require.

As a guideline, fees for work recently undertaken in 2018 has ranged from as little as £575 to £3,000 to develop the required level of compliance for individual organisations needs.

Our fees may not be the cheapest, and we would expect you to shop around for quotations, but you can be assured that our consultants are highly qualified and experienced and will ensure your compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Your options

MESH can offer a range of Fire risk assessment options to organisations throughout the UK:

  1. We undertake a full Fire compliant audit and risk assessments of your operations at a single or multiple sites throughout the UK.
  2. We undertake a Fire risk assessment for a specific operation or site within your organisation.

What we provide is legislative Fire compliance, which, when adhered to, will keep the regulators from your door.

Where we work

MESH carry out Fire Risk Assessments for companies in a diverse range of industries throughout the UK.

Our Head Office is in Kent, with regional offices located in London, The Home Counties, The Midlands, and The North East.
Mesh Consultants are here to make health & safety easy for you. Let us know about your challenge.

About Fire Risk Assessments

Most workplaces throughout the UK, are required to carry out fire risk assessments by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and the Managementof Health & Safety at Work Regulations. The fire risk assessment will help you determine the chances of a fire occurring and the dangers from fire to your staff or anyone else who visits your workplace.

The primary emphasis of the fire regulations is to protect life. But what businesses must consider is that fires cost money and the costs of a serious fire can be very high. In fact, many businesses fail to reopen and of those that do, 90% fail within the first 12 months.

A very real risk to business in all types of workplaces is from arson and should be considered as part of your assessment. A Home Office study suggests that in an average week, 3,500 fires are deliberately started. Costs from this are calculated as being in excess of £1.3 billion a year.

Even if previously a fire certificate covered your premises, you will still need to carry out a fire risk assessment. What your assessment may identify is that few, if any, additional precautions are needed.