What did we do?

From 2016-2018, MESH worked with the UK based FM operations of Wonga acting in the role of Competent Persons.

From an initial completion of a H&S Compliance Audit, the MESH involvement evolved to ensure Wonga were consistently achieving compliance and best practice throughout its EMA operations.

The detailed Health and Safety audit of Wonga operations based out of the London offices; helped form the initial action plan. These findings were presented in a detailed report to senior management along with a number of recommendations.

Following this MESH provided expert support, periodic site visits, training and risk assessment to ensure a consistent level of Health and Safety best practice was achieved. This support extended outside of the U.K. operations and included work in Europe and South Africa.

What the client said

MESH have provided expertise to Wonga that has helped us to create, safe and healthy work environments across our operations.

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