What did we do?

Part of the work MESH has assisted the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) with was to update the organisation health, safety and wellness (HSW) policy. MESH developed the policy and a number of supporting procedures to represent how CAF manages the health, safety and wellness of its employs, contractors and any one else who comes into contact with the organisation.

Ensuring the policy was specific to CAF has enabled key parties to understand the commitment of CAF to HSW and to understand what their role is developing a safe workplace. The policy was developed to be concise and specific to CAF and to ensure that all legal obligations were being achieved. Some of the key procedures that were developed to support the policy have covered; UK and International travel and Lone working.

What the client said

What’s great about MESH is that they took the time to listen to our needs and understand our organisation’s work ethic before suggesting changes. Over the past eight months they have taken us through a careful audit and created an action plan that works for both our UK offices. Their training was first class and enjoyable too!

Ann Simmonds,
Charities Aid Foundation

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