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What did we do?

The school had become concerned that they no ;longer had access to suitable health and safety support services and decided to search the market to find a suitable provider.

At MESH we have extensive experience of the Education sector and were well placed to assist the school. Rather than take the approach some Health and Safety providers had suggested which was to sell access to their name; MESH prefer to be hands on with the school.

Our consultant worked with the school to identify where it needed to focus its efforts and then has provided follow support and access to advice whenever needed.

The school has been pleased with what they have received and kindly provided a testimonial and also have referred us to other schools in their area. these have also come on board as clients.

What the client said

We first started to work with Mesh Consultants in April 2014 to fulfill the requirement for schools to employ the services of competent Health and Safety advisors. Mesh came into school to audit our systems and provide a very thorough report and list of actions to be undertaken.

I have found them to be very accessible and easy to approach with any questions we may have, however silly they may be!

Lynda Robertson, Primary School Manager

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