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CCL Decorative Sleeves are part of the CCL Label Group and are synonymous with the manufacture of quality shrink sleeve products for clients across the globe.

DSEAR is concerned with protection from risks of fire, explosion and similar events arising due to use or presence of dangerous substances in a workplace. It embodies the risk assessment concept that underpins European Union driven health and safety legislation to protect workers from potential fire and explosion risks due to the presence of dangerous substances and potentially explosive atmospheres.

Hence DSEAR complements general requirements to manage risk under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and addresses immediate risk to personal safety from dangerous substances, as opposed to potential exposure / health risk addressed by COSHH. It includes materials classified as explosive, oxidising, extremely flammable, highly flammable or flammable.

Materials in these categories at the sites were mainly associated with production inks, solvents and washes – though some flammable waste and maintenance materials may also fall into one of these categories.

This risk-based approach requires the examination of any dangerous substances present or liable to be present in the workplace – and how controls might fail causing a fire, an explosion or similar events that may harm employees or other persons. Its purpose is to enable employers to decide what to do to eliminate or reduce risk from dangerous substances as far as is reasonably practicable.

From the surveys MESH provided CCL with a detailed report covering each site and an action plan with recommended priorities assigned.

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