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The VION Mill occupies a large industrial site on the outskirts of Llay, Wrexham. Facilities allow manufacture of largely poultry feed to suit an extensive client base. Bulk material inputs include wheat, barley and soya which are ground on site prior to formation of pellet or mash products. A number of other raw materials may be added to allow specific variations in formulation to be achieved in production of over 250K tonnes of feed per annum.

Many site activities are associated with bulk storage or production may incur some degree of fire and explosion risk unless ventilation and ignition controls are adequate though most operations are carried out in purpose-designed equipment. Likely hazards were largely reflected in the plant design and construction with ventilation, pressure relief, containment measures and protection of electrics incorporated to limit the risk of harm.

Many of the materials used in mill operations were combustible and require some degree of control to maintain a safe environment. Fire or explosion hazards often arise when vapour or dust clouds are present in areas where there may be an ignition source – for example flammable material dispensing close to unprotected electrical equipment.

Most organic feedstuffs are combustible including common cereals such as Barley or Wheat. These substances and raw materials like Methionine may rarely form flammable / explosive dust mixtures in air – though largely within confines of equipment.

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