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Techtex Industrial is one of the largest stockists and distributors of technical industrial Nonwoven fabrics in Europe. The business has invested heavily since the business it was formed in 1996 and they have a state-of-the-art factory with an extensive range of high speed conversion machinery for printing, slitting, rewinding, folding and packing industrial textiles, predominantly nonwovens.

The business is operated from two industrial units in the Rhodes Business Park, Middleton. The two separate units are located opposite each other. The facilities allow for preparation of a range of industrial or hygienic wipes and include several professional healthcare products assembled under clean room conditions to suit an extensive client base.

Many of the wet products produced incorporate varying concentrations of flammable material in their formulation.Materials in use classified as hazardous substances include flammable solvents such as IPA and Ethanol.

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