What did we do?

Fine Decor contacted MESH in June 2012 requesting an urgent DSEAR assessment to be undertaken and for the report to be issued as a matter of priority. After making some adjustments to workloads the assessment was completed within a week and the report issued one week later in time for the HSE return to site.

Plant facilities at the Holmes Chapel site allow for production of a range of wall-coverings to suit a wide client base and specific market requirements. However, this survey was largely confined to a particular process line which was afforded with substantial construction and dedicated printing machinery.

Operations carried out include charging of dispensed flammable solvent / ink mixtures into portable containers ready for transfer at relevant printing stations. Ink troughs and containers associated with the process are also cleaned and stored close by.

Vapours from routine handling of flammables incur some degree of fire and explosion risk unless captive ventilation and ignition controls are adequate.

The company were very impressed with the work undertaken that they requested MESH to complete an assessment on the remainder of the site in July 2012.

What the client said

Many thanks to MESH for your quick and informative response; you have helped us to satisfy the HSE.

Greg Roberts

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