What did we do?

The DSEAR survey of the 2K Polymer facility was undertaken in February 2011 to determine the implications of developing a new business opportunity at the Alfreton site.

The Alfreton site is a key manufacturing facility with the capability to formulate a wide range of polymer products and innovative packaging solutions – many tailored to customer’s own brand and shipped world-wide.

The primary objective of this visit was to determine whether the proposed development was subject to duties under the Dangerous Substances Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR) – to comment on the relevant hazards (machinery, materials and methods) and suggest any additional control measures to be deployed on-site in the event of project execution.

What the client said

“Investigating a business opportunity it was apparent that additional specialist knowledge was required to verify potential hazards with the project. MESH consulting rapidly provided the specialist assistance we required delivering unique tailored guidance specific to our plant and proposal – a very refreshing change from those others who arrive armed with a simple tick list.”

John A Mitchell

Group QHSE Manager

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