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The Warburton factory at Enfield is the only one in the South of England. The DSEAR survey was restricted to the crumpet making processes which are operated on a 24 hour day basis. The process was found to be very well designed and maintained; we understand the site operates to 5S standards and this was clearly evident.

Handling of dry, fine materials will invariably generate some levels of dust particles during the ingredient transfer process. While the level of dust generated is variable there is an inherent flammable hazard associated with flour or dry ingredients (such as the premix) that may lead to the formation of explosive mixtures in air.

This may present some hazard potential and the risk of formation of explosive mixtures in air – either inside or outside of processing equipment. This hazard applies to a lesser extent where dust from materials handled on-site is well managed as was found at Warburtons.

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