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H+H UK Ltd has two sites in the UK; one at Borough Green, Kent and the other at Pollington, East Yorkshire. Both sites are part of the UK\’s largest manufacturer of aircrete blocks and systems.

The business has been manufacturing aircrete for over 50 years using tried and tested methods of production and can clearly demonstrate an extensive knowledge of their processes. However recently through an ISO 18001 audit the business was asked to provide evidence that the DSEAR regulations are being complied with.

The key areas of the operations specifically reviewed under DSEAR included the following: Aluminium storage;

  • Aluminium mixer towers;
  • Product mixer towers;
  • Mould pouring and handling;
  • Autoclaves;
  • Bulk fuel storage;
  • Compressed gas bottle storage;
  • Use of compressed gases;
  • Gas boilers;
  • Maintenance activities.

Detailed site surveys were undertaken and guidance provided on compliance with DSEAR and how to minimise any risks of an explosion occurring.

What the client said

“Mesh provided us with a very good professional service, the company now fell confident that it fully complies with the current DSEAR legislation, additionally MESH provided us with an action plan for future improvement. I would defiantly use Mesh again, highly recommended and very professional.

Iain Gordon H+H UK Ltd”

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