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Facilities at the Leeming Bar plant include a number of separate buildings involved in manufacture of ice-cream or related confectionery products to suit an extensive client base. Hazardous substances in common use include a number of combustible or flammable materials and several locations were identified for DSEAR assessment. This included bulk storage and associated transfer facilities in or around the site.

Because of the nature of the business various Flammable / Combustible powders such as sugar are routinely handled at the plant and could potentially form mixtures in air that present a fire / DSEAR hazard.

Anhydrous Ammonia inventory is significant and stored in bulk on the site; although Ammonia is difficult to ignite in air at normal temperatures and requires a high concentration to form an explosive mixture the risks cannot be entirely ruled out; where a loss of containment could occur in part-enclosed areas.

Generally with this substance explosion incidents would have little energy and occur only in enclosed areas as the combustion power created is low when compared to say natural gas and requires a very high ignition temperature.

The report provided to RR has enabled the management team to clearly define its risk areas and work with the action plan to implement any corrective actions deemed necessary.

What the client said

I used to describe all consultants regardless of their field of expertise as “managers” who did not want to get their feet wet!

Martin and his team dispel this with their professional attitude, and the way they conduct themselves on site, a refreshing change.

We employed MESH to carry out two audits on site in last few months

Gus Collins arrived on site rolling up his sleeves and leaving nothing to chance when carrying out our DSEAR assessment. Both consultants displayed a high degree of integrity and knowledge which backs up their company’s statement of applying a common sense approach to Health and Safety.

I would recommend their services…

Nik Adams – Group Health and Safety Manager

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