What did we do?

Hess services UK started working with MESH in 2010 to undertake DSE workstation assessments for staff based out of its London office. The support continues to be provided through 2012.

Hess already has extensive health and safety systems in place across its group and DSE are routinely completed for all staff. The gap that MESH were asked to fill was to undertake on-site Ergonomic assessments in cases where employees have complex health issues.

These assessments are undertaken to identify any necessary reasonable adjustments to the individuals workstation and working practices. The assessments ensure compliance with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations and promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Assessments are undertaken for both the main London office and where appropriate for home working. Each assessment is documented to provide a formal record of the assessment and to identify improvement actions that may be required; including recommendations on the design functions of any equipment required.

What the client said

The assessments have really helped us to make any necessary changes to improve the individuals working conditions.

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