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What did we do?

Facilities at the East Kilbride plant include a dedicated Vat Room building for blending of spirit-based distillery products to suit an extensive client base. Ethanol (or Ethyl Alcohol) is a significant component of these products and thus hazardous substances associated with this operation are unavoidable. DSEAR risk assessment therefore applies to Vat Room facility operations on-site.

Process activities are based around charging, mixing and transfer of specific whisky products within dedicated vessels.

Hazardous material use is a key consideration in preventing fire and explosion. Risk of ignition is real wherever flammable dust, vapour or gases are present. Unless affected areas have sufficient extract or suppression controls, flammables may ignite – and mixed with air potentially create a flammable or explosible atmosphere.

Several sources of release were identified during the DSEAR survey that could result in formation of a flammable atmosphere. Operational feedback plus corresponding guidance, industry standards and the effect of ventilation was established for each given release and zoning requirements were identified.

What the client said

Thank you for your help in carrying out the DSEAR survey in our vat room at East Kilbride. The report was very comprehensive and professional. It highlighted all our short comings and provided the necessary recommendations to make us compliant. I’m sure we will do business with you again in the future.

Pat Berry – Health and Safety Risk Manager

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