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Located in purpose-built, extensive facilities in the heart of England, our Evesham centre offers clients a tailored solution for receiving, storing, ripening, packing, quality assurance and logistics management of their fresh produce orders. ValeFresh can grade and pack produce into any format demanded by UK multiple retailers and processors.

On 27 September 2012 approximately 110 staff were onsite. In general most personnel work in one position.

It was identified that the operations have some Operator Positions whose Daily Personal Exposures exceed the Lower Exposure Action Value of 80dBA. There were also packing lines where operator positions would exceed the Upper Exposure Action Value of 85dBA.

It was identified that the main source of noise in the Packing Area is air actuated equipment and it is recommended that the manufacturer(s) of this plant be contacted to see if there are any noise limiting measures that can be implemented to reduce its noise levels

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