What did we do?

In 2018 URM had received a visit from the Health and Safety Executive who suggested that they have a Noise at Work Assessment carried out by a third party.

The plant at Tilbury had URM operatives and engineers who circulate widely within the plant area which is spread over several floors. The operatives and engineers are charged with the smooth running of the operation with a special emphasis on removing blockages and reducing spillage.

The plant recycles glass by separating all of the various types, colours and sizes. The techniques used are similar to that found in the mineral processing sector and comprise, crushers, shaker tables, screens and colour sorting techniques. The ‘waste’ material from the recycling process is used as an aggregate in concrete production.

MESH carried out a full noise survey of the operations and reported back to senior management our findings. Areas for improvement were clearly identified in the report.

What the client said

MESH have provided an excellent report with clear direction for the business.

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